Joe Brenin -

Thank for listening to my music. As I noted in some of my albums I don’t have a band or a studio, I do it all in my basement. I know the recording quality is not the greatest, but maybe one day I’ll have that hit song. I apologize for not getting my contact information out there sooner please feel free to contact me I’d love to know what you think of my songs.

 I live in a small town near Harrisburg the capital city of Pennsylvania USA. If there are any musicians out there who live nearby and who like my music I’m open to getting a band together.

Whenever I write a song I always see a video or movie clip in my head for the song. I feel my songs are written for that purpose so if there is anyone in the film industry, TV or other commercial outlets I would love to hear from you.

Again thank you for listening; it means everything to me